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Your neighbour’s five year old boy always wants to play at your house. Once a week is fine but he is always there.

It doesn’t matter if you tell him no, he will just climb the fence. You hear his parents telling him he can’t come over, but they always seem to give in.

Then they come over, tell him to come home, he hides, he has a tantrum and everyone is in a bad mood. You feel like you can never relax with your kids in the backyard. To add to that, he is bad mannered, helps himself to the fridge and disregards any rules of the house.

You are not unkind to him and invite him to birthday parties and say ‘it is ok to come over every so often.’ You often avoid coming home just so you can avoid him. When you go away he plays in your backyard and picks the vegetables, even a pineapple you had been watching for weeks.

You have been blunt with him telling him he can’t come over.

Any other tips to get some peace? Are you just being too precious? At what age is this child likely to grow out of coming over?


Denise Eriksen, founder Media Mentors

Justin Bechtold, creative entrepreneur

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