“Don’t just see the disability. See the whole person”: How the Paralympics continues to shift perceptions – Life Matters

The Olympics are always about so much more than sport.

The Paralympics are no different, prompting conversations about how people with disabilities live life every day and how they’d like to be perceived in the broader community.

Jason Diederich is a former Paralympian who won silver medals in swimming at the Seoul (’88) and Barcelona (’92) Paralympics.

He says it’s time to start watching the Paralympics through a different lens, and a new campaign that’s being launched alongside the games called ‘We the 15’ is helping us do just that.


Jason Diederich, former Paralympian and board member with Limbs4Life, a community group that supports amputees. Jason works in the disability sector to support people with disability to connect with their community.

Tristram Peters, Powerchair footballer whose represented his sport at a national level and podcaster. Tristram works for Clickability, a matching platform for NDIS participants.

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