How a trip to the Reject Shop got Hayley Wilson to the Olympics – Life Matters

Hayley Wilson bought her first skateboard for $10 at the Reject Shop when she was seven years’ old.

Now she’s at the Tokyo Olympics.

How did she get there and what does it mean to have skateboarding in the Games for the first time ever?


Catriona Wilson, mum of Hayley Wilson

Dr Richard Baka, Co-Director of the Olympic Research Network at Victoria University

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The politics of hair – Life Matters

Many people who have grown up in Australia with curly or afro hair have been told in schools and workplaces that their hair in its natural form is unacceptable. Some have even had their hair described as “wild”.

For people of diverse backgrounds, whose hair is a part of their identity, such words can weigh heavily on their sense of self.

Producer Karishma Luthria spoke to school students, graduates, business owners and changemakers to find more about their individual journeys to accepting their natural hair in a society where beauty standards have a history of eurocentrism.  


Nii Laryea Tetteh, owner of NLT Carpentry and Construction

Rumbie Mutsiwa, founder of Rumbie & Co 

Zarah Garbrah, senior stylist at Rumbie & Co

Ashoc, Esther and Tahsharn, students 

Donna, Tahsharn’s mum


Rupert Vyvyan Kenrick Pope and Giles Edward Palmer, Wake Up

Grayson Voltaire and Rupert

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Costco 24 Hour Tremendous Sport

DaniLeigh continued, It can be a personal factor for sure people as a result of colorism is an actual factor. But I am not. I am not a colorist or a racist.

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Anytime Fitness Taking part Anytime Health locations offer membership reductions to army members. Crowded gyms, nevertheless, might be very irritating and downright annoying significantly when super-setting. This case could become an irritation that impacts how arduous you prepare particularly when your essential objective should be to focus on performing every train with good form. It is onerous to offer each rep and set all the things you’ve got when gymnasium etiquette dictates you let others share the machines whilst you take your time doing all your workouts again to back for 3 or 4 rounds. fitness After you could have recognized the correct set of train activities for you, start on the health club … Read more

Too Hard Basket: Loud sex next door is keeping me up all night – Life Matters

Your neighbours are either trying for a baby, or have just recently discovered sex.

Every evening whilst you are trying to sleep, you’re woken by the loud, very vigorous and enthusiastic creaking of bed springs.

Do you send them a polite note asking that they oil their bed springs or tighten the screws?

What would you do to get a good night’s sleep?


Lauren Rosewarne, social scientist

Michael Shafar, comedian

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