Let’s say that you simply discover a personal membership to join. It can seemingly have one of many aforementioned initiation fees (typically $5,000 to $100,000).

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All about health together with energy training, cardio, yoga and pilates. Rasulullah s.a.w. adalah tokoh yang mengintegrasikan ilmu pengetahuan yang berbentuk duniawi dan ukhrawi tanpa wujud sebarang pemisahan di antara satu sama lain. Di antara cara-cara yang biasa dilaksanakan oleh Rasulullah s.a.w. untuk merealisasikan perkara di atas antaranya pada malam hari baginda banyak mengerjakan amal ibadah dan pada siang hari baginda bertanggungjawab dalam pentadbiran dan pengurusan negara. Baginda juga mendidik para sahabat secara langsung dengan ilmu-ilmu yang dapat mendisiplinkan mereka sehingga tidak sanggup melakukan sebarang penyelewengan dalam kehidupan bermasyarakat disebabkan mereka menguasai ilmu dunia dan akhirat dengan seimbang. Kecemerlangan keilmuan dalam Tamadun Islam di zaman silam itu, akhirnya melahirkan ramai tokoh ilmuan dalam pelbagai bidang. Ianya dikagumi dunia sehingga … Read more

Should it be easier for you to access the pill? – Life Matters

Recently the Therapeutic Goods Administration looked into whether it should be easier for women to access the contraceptive pill, by allowing women to buy it over the counter, without a new prescription from their GP.

Bad idea – said the the AMA and the Royal Australian College of GPs.

Is this decision in women’s best interests? And why is it so important to keep your doctor in the loop when it comes to your contraception?


Professor Susan Davis, Director of the Women’s Health Research program at Monash University

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Talkback: How to not get jibbed by your solar company – Life Matters

The solar industry around the country is booming with systems now on one in four Australian homes.

But stories have emerged of customers being charged exorbitant prices or sold faulty products.

How widespread is this kind of mis-selling and, if you want to make sure you’re getting a good deal, where should you go?


Amy Bainbridge, the ABC’s National Consumer Affairs reporter

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A Info To What We All Know Up To Now

Ini kerana sudah menjadi lumrah dunia, bangsa yang menguasai perdagangan akan mempengaruhi bangsa-bangsa lain yang mempunyai kontrak perdagangan dengannya.

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An ideal fitness routine includes of workout routines to enhance cardiovascular effectivity, create muscular strength and endurance together with improved supplenessFlexibility workouts are people who serve to maintain the joints flexible ,particularly the vertebral column and its varied sections. Soluiton: Give your physique a chance to adapt to this new stress known as train. It should reward you by getting stronger and fitter. Small, gradual pushes work greatest. For instance, if you’ve haven’t jogged in years, stroll first. Gradually, ad in brief intervals of jogging throughout your walk, and earlier than you know it, you may be jogging for a ache free half an hour. Body composition must even be considered when evaluating arm dimension. An individual who carries lots of fat can easily achieve … Read more

Too Hard Basket: My neighbour is offended by the way I’ve clad my gate. What do I do? – Life Matters

Ken has clad the driveway gate to give himself some privacy from dog-walkers while tending the veggie patch, sometimes in his underwear. The trouble is his next-door neighbour has taken offence to the cladding.

He has taken the passive-aggressive approach of bad mouthing to other neighbours, but also leaving a ‘helpful’ note suggesting alternative aesthetics and ‘correct’ fence height. Meanwhile, his own fence is falling down from disrepair.

The neighbour is well known on the block for wilfully ignoring a number of council rules.

Ken has a cohesive community and wants to maintain that, but doesn’t want to live under someone’s double-standards and intolerance.

How would you handle the situation?


Mike McLeish, writer, actor and producer

Fiona Harris, writer, actor and producer

Every Friday we challenge our guests with a dilemma from your ‘too hard basket’ – to discuss, unravel, and maybe even help solve for you. Send

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