The joy of giving and receiving food – Life Matters

When Covid-19 hit, Parliament on King, a small café in Sydney’s inner west, started serving food through their shopfront window to those in need.

The owner, Ravi Prasad, paid for the food from his own pocket and employed refugees to cook cuisine from their own country. 

Now this window has been thrown wide open to become a hand of hope to the homeless and those struggling around Sydney.

Recently, a new space, Uma, has opened, taking refugees from the kitchen to the front of house, where they are also managing the business.


Ravi Prasad, Owner of Parliament on King

Asama Khan, Chef at the Parliament on King

Batouly, Kitchen Hand at Parliament on King

Rowan, Tony, Adam and Michael, clients receiving food

Karim Borhanuddin, Soup kitchen volunteer

Vivian Al Jenabi, Chef and assistant manager at Uma’s Kitchen

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