Life in 500 Words: Gloria finally hears her father’s story – Turning Point – Life Matters

All of us deal with loss and trauma in different ways.

In this Life in 500 Words, Gloria Latham talks about her upbringing with a parent whose own childhood was a moot topic for a long long time.

The theme for Life In 500 Words is True Confessions, and what happened when the truth was revealed.

It could be with yourself, or within your family, but please change names if you need to.

You can record your true confessions story into your mobile phone, and email it to us at [email protected]

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How do we use the latest coronavirus outbreak to increase vaccine uptake? – Life Matters

Victoria is back in lockdown as the number of cases and transmission sites grows.

Should Australia grab this opportunity to turn low rates of vaccination around and get more people along to local clinics and mass vaccination centres right across the country?


Associate Professor Margie Danchin, paediatrician, immunisation researcher and physician expert in vaccine uptake, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

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Knitted together in a common cause – Life Matters

Climate change can be a tough topic to talk about, but a Christian movement, Common Grace, which brings people together to tackle issues like climate change, is aiming to change that.

In 2020, Common Grace put out a call to its members, asking them to knit a scarf from a pattern that illustrates the past 101 years of climate change data, creating a tangible example of the past century of rising global temperatures.

Hundreds of knitters answered the call. Now, these scarves are headed to Parliament House in a bid to persuade politicians to act to reign in carbon emissions. Erica Vowles spoke with some of the people behind this very crafty form of protest.


Sue Pyke, writer, teacher, member of the faith community Sophia’s Spring and Common Grace

Brooke Prentis, CEO of Common Grace, Aboriginal Christian Leader, descendant of the Wakka Wakka, chartered accountant, company director

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Life After Cash

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Too Hard Basket: How do I politely refuse to shake someone’s hand? – Life Matters

You’ve never liked shaking hands, even before the pandemic. You don’t like touching people in general and get quite angry that societal norms dictate you should squeeze a complete stranger’s hand, or even the hand of someone you know.

As things start getting back to normal, you worry that handshaking is going to make a comeback.

How do you politely refuse to shake someone’s hand or make it clear beforehand that you don’t want to?

Is it time to banish the practice?


Nazeem Hussain, actor, comedian and host of ABC’s The Pineapple Project podcast

Monica Dullard, librarian and comedian

Every Friday we challenge our guests with a dilemma from your ‘too hard basket’ – to discuss, unravel, and maybe even help solve for you. Send your dilemma via email on the Life Matters web page or Facebook, ABC Radio National, or send us a voice memo. Keep

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