Tracing the history of the Scenic Rim on foot – Life Matters

What’s the best way to learn the important history and stories of your local region?

For writer Benjamin Allmon the only way forward was by walking the roads and highways of South-east Queensland’s Scenic Rim.

So began a 700 kilometre journey, accompanied by a friend and local photographer.


Benjamin Allmon, author, ‘The Black and White Braid’

Carin Garland, photographer

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Dwelling Private Trainers Near Me (With Free Estimates)

The handbook handling trainer assesses how the staff are lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, loading and unloading the heavy objects. Pengajian ilmu perubatan di Eropah bermula di Salerno.

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The job of a private trainer is extremely demanding, along with being extremely rewarding. Apple Health+ is a brand new health service powered by Apple Watch. You’ll be able to select from a catalog of exercises led by expert trainers. In-session metrics, like heart charge and energy burned, are synced to your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, so you do not have to take your eyes away out of your exercise to see the way you’re doing. It is like your Apple Watch is on the screen. You will not know one of the best methods for personal coaching. When your body says, I am soooo sore!” your body is saying it wants a break. Personal trainers will … Read more

Life in 500 Words: Michael’s proposal for change – Turning Point – Life Matters

Today’s Life in 500 Words is a deep reflection on dealing with the national and state investigations into how we treat each other. Michael Bellas wrote this a little while ago, however his thoughts remain relevant today.

This year’s theme for Life In 500 Words is True Confessions. What happened when you or a member of your family finally spoke the truth about a situation? The stories can come from anywhere within your life, and can be funny or not, just be certain it’s your story to tell.

Record them into your smart phone and then email them to [email protected] and don’t forget to put 500 words in the subject line. More instructions can be found at the bottom of our homepage, and we look forward to receiving your true confessions!

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Health Plans For Weight Loss

Someone who affords money or time? (Mahayuddin 1990: 222). If you want to see your physique change (i.e. lose fat, get lean) then you need to expose your body to varying and progressive stress.

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The non-public trainer has a satisfying job helping people achieve well being and health goals. One type of train that will decrease your blood strain as nicely and your co-workers won’t even discover you might be figuring out is tensing your muscular tissues. Tightening your stomach muscle tissues for 3 to ten seconds and repeating it 4 times is a typical example. It’s doable as a result of you are able to do it nearly anywhere and in very little time especially if you don’t have time for the fitness center. This article explores what trainers undergo and what the traits of a great train the trainer course are. There are … Read more

How this Indigenous elder of the Australian Army is marking Anzac Day – Life Matters

After a rocky start, Lorraine Hatton spent twenty years serving in the Australian Army both here and overseas.

Now she shares her story with young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are thinking about joining up.

This is Lorraine’s first Anzac Day in this role. She is going home to North Stradbroke Island to mark the occasion with family and friends.


Lorraine Hatton, Indigenous elder of the Australian army, veteran and Quandamooka woman

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