Talkback: how do you fake it when it comes to keeping house? – Life Matters

When you think of housekeeping, do you think of the perfect, Martha Stewart type approach or something less glamorous, less feminised and more workable?

Long time home advice columnist Fenella Souter’s new book is a challenge to the perfectionist ideal of tidying with tips ranging from how many utensils you really need to how to deal with bat poo on your hung out laundry.

The book is called, “How to Fake Being Tidy, and other things my mother never taught me”.


Fenella Souter, journalist, editor and author of the long-time “Diary of a Bad Housewife” column

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What Does A Personal Trainer Do? (With Photos)

In order for you your private training to be a success, find a private coach who has an expert attitude. Guantee that your coach organizes schedules and seems on time.

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Basically, a stress check most requires when someone cross the age of forty. After crossing forty years of life body bones and heart muscle mass getting blowing hard. Beware of False Promoting – There are many gyms that publicize low-charges, zero-membership charges, or another way that you may save when joining. Nonetheless, most of those gyms get the money out of the customer, somehow. You’ll want to read the contract for any hidden expenses that they may impose. Others advertise big reductions, only to cripple or restrict a lot or their services until the member pays in full. Others, then again, flat-out lie about their companies and member benefits. You’ll want to ask a number of … Read more