Talkback: Vaccine rollout – Life Matters

Last week, the Federal Government announced that adjustments will be made to the national vaccination rollout plans because of concerns over the AstraZeneca’s links to a very rare blood clotting disorder.

The vaccine will no longer be recommended as the first choice to be given to those under 50.

What does this change mean for you and, more broadly, what do you need to know about how to get vaccinated?


Dr Karen Price, President of the Royal Australian College of GPs and a practising Victorian GP

Paul Griffin, Director of Infectious Diseases at Mater Health Services and Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Queensland

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Are national standards needed to achieve the best quarantine system? – Life Matters

Today, more planes will be touching down in Melbourne, as Victoria enters its second day of accepting international arrivals into the revamped hotel quarantine system.

As Victoria’s third attempt at hotel quarantine is put through its paces, what lessons have we learned across the country about how to build and maintain a quarantine system that keeps us all safe?


Jane Halton, Chair of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and former Federal Secretary of Health and Finance. Helen conducted the National Hotel Quarantine Review, which reported in October 2020

Professor Mike Toole, Epidemiologist with the Burnett Institute and Professor, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University

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Primary school-aged boys demonstrate the power of respect through song – Life Matters

Each year, a not for profit project called RESPECT takes around 150 school boys under the age of 12 and teaches them about the effects of domestic violence and why gender equality matters, using the power of music and performance.


Isaac, RESPECT participant

Linda, Isaac’s mum

Craig Taunton, manager of the RESPECT program on behalf of NFP Outloud

You can watch Isaac and his posse perform their song in full here.

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Too Hard Basket: My daughter is moving in with her girlfriend but I think the relationship is moving too fast – Life Matters

Denise’s 24-year-old daughter met her girlfriend five months ago and they have decided to move in together. This is her daughter’s first serious relationship and her first move out of home.

Denise accepts it is her choice but is nervous about how quickly it is moving, and the fact the couple seem to be merging their finances at a rate of knots to buy furniture and household items.

Should she question the speed at which this is happening?

What really worries Denise is they are ready to make big financial commitments together so soon.

Should she talk to her daughter about her concerns?


Monica Dullard, librarian and comedian

Simon Kennedy Jewel, Ethicall counsellor for The Ethics Centre

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