Life in 500 Words: Linda Foulsham and the stranger – Turning Point – Life Matters

It was 1954 and Linda, aged nine, took her three-year-old sister to their regular playground.

What happened next is testament to Linda’s quick thinking and her love for her sister.

The theme for Life In 500 Words in 2021 is True Confessions, and you can send us your stories now.

It could be with yourself, or within your family, and please change names if you need to.

You can record your true confessions story into your mobile phone, and email it to us at [email protected]

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The business of volunteering in community development – Life Matters

Australian Business Volunteers is celebrating 40 years of operations in community development. ABV places skilled business experts – some retired, others seconded from Australian corporations – in communities overseas, and more recently in Australia, with the aim of stimulating local businesses and sharing knowledge and experience.

During the pandemic, volunteers with ABV have adapted to volunteering remotely, and have recently shared their expertise to assist rebuilding efforts within some fire-affected communities.

Life Matters producer Erica Vowles speaks with individuals on the giving and receiving end of the equation to find out how best to keep all parties involved with community development happy and fulfilled.


Liane Arno and Matt Stone, skilled business experts who have volunteered with Australian Business Volunteers for 15 years

Dr Faith Ong, lecturer in tourism and events with the University of Queensland Business School

Liz Mackinlay, CEO of Australian Business Volunteers

Betty Komes

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Trump Rioters Within The US Capitol

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With regards to hiring personal trainers, many people just search for accreditation, certification, and experience to find the best trainer for them. fitness As you’re studying the necessities of train science on your private coach career, you may also want plenty of enterprise administration know-how that has nothing to do with health. That features consumer communication expertise, advertising savvy, tax preparation data, public relations skills, and other fundamentals geared toward growing your enterprise. Contemplate reading magazines and books related to small enterprise administration to get the talents you want. Up till the final decade or so, going to a gym was almost a necessity for getting in great shape. However occasions change, … Read more

Too Hard Basket: My ‘singles buddy’ has burst my bubble – Life Matters

You live alone and have a singles bubble buddy you catch up with regularly.

Recently, you told him about a job you’d applied for and he then pressed for more details about the job, asking where he could find it so that he could also apply.

If he applied and got the job over you, you don’t think you could ever talk to him again, and you find yourself quite upset. Although such a good support for each other during the pandemic you feel you have to withdraw from the friendship.

What do you do?


Anna Achia, founder of Anna’s Go Go Academy

David Meagher, editor of Wish Magazine

Every Friday we challenge our guests with a dilemma from your ‘too hard basket’ – to discuss, unravel, and maybe even help solve for you. Send your dilemma via email on the Life Matters web page or Facebook, ABC

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