Five housemates, a lockdown and a giant pile of dirt: The story of Australia’s COVID gardening boom – Life Matters

Lockdowns suck, but, when you’re feeling low, inspiration can come from the most unexpected of places.

And, for Hannah Waters, it came in the form of a giant pile of dirt, that had been, up to that point, her backyard.

Hannah is one of the thousands of Australians who are part of the COVID gardening boom, as Australians have rushed to buy edible plants, and plant veggie gardens at a never-seen-before rate.

But it’s not the first time Aussies have turned to gardening in times of crisis.

What is the current gardening craze about and what is Australia’s history of at-home-food-production during times of crisis?


Hannah Waters, Event Coordinator in the theatre industry in Marrickville who took up gardening this lockdown

Andrew Clarke, Hobart-based horticulturalist and nursery owner

Andrea Gaynor, Associate Professor of history with an expertise on the history of food growing and food production

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