Story Doctors, Boori Monty Pryor – Life Matters

Boori Monty Pryor is a former Australian Children’s Laureate.

He is co-writer and subject of the Emmy nominated series The Wrong Kind of Black, currently screening on Netflix, as well as a First Nations’ storyteller who has shared his words and wisdom with over a million school children here and overseas.

Boori’s new book, brilliantly illustrated by Rita Sinclair, is called Story Doctors. It takes us on a poetic and illustrated journey of Australia’s true history and is a call to healing for country.


Boori Monty Pryor, storyteller, writer and performer

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Life in 500 Words: Carole understands now – Turning Point – Life Matters

Sometimes we don’t understand another’s perspective until we’ve experienced what they have.

Carole Needham has done that, and she wanted to share her true confession, in this case voiced for her by RN’s Fiona Pepper.

The theme for Life In 500 Words in 2021 is True Confessions, and we’d love you to start sending us your stories now.

It could be with yourself, or within your family, and please change names if you need to.

You can record your true confessions story into your mobile phone, and email it to us at [email protected]

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What would Norman Swan do? – Life Matters

If there was anyone in the world you could call up to ask for health advice, who would it be? For many of us, it would be Radio National’s Dr Norman Swan.

This week Dr Swan is out with a new book surveying the health and wellness landscape, and he joins Life Matters to offer his tips on everything from diet to surviving a mid-life crisis.


Dr Norman Swan, broadcaster, investigative journalist and producer, host of RN’s Health Report, co-host of Coronacast and author of the new book: ‘So You Think You Know What’s Good for You: The Ultimate Health Guide From Australia’s Most Trusted Doctor’

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